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One bullet in this gun

not sure if its for you or me

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2 November
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Hey,my name is chloe I'm 13 and I live in albuquerque new mexico.I am going into 8th grade.I am 5'5 and I weigh 106 lbs.I have dyed black hair and hazel eyes.Uhmm...heres my favorite stuff
Band:Jack off jill,Afi,The cure,Switchblade symphony,Alkaline trio,The casualties,Anti-flag and many more...
Bood:Girl interrupted,prozac nation,what my mother doesnt know.
Movie:American beauty,The virgin suicides,Girl interrupted,Alice in wonderland,The nightmare before christmas,spice world and there are many more...
store:sanrio!! wheee!..unless ebay counts ;)

thirteen is love <3


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I&apos;ll sacrifice what I believe
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a fire inside, adam carson, afi, afireinside, alice in wonderland, alkaline trio, american beauty, anime, anti-flag, babydoll, babydoll dresses, belly rings, bettie page, black flag, bondage, boys, boys in eyeliner, bracletts, bruises, buffalo exchange, candles, charlottes web, chobits, colored hair, confetti, creativeness, cumdumpster, cursive, dancing, davey havok, daveyhavok, deathcab for cutie, dolls, donnie darko, drawn on eyebrows, dress up, dresses, drinks, dysfunctional barbies, ebay, egl, eisley, emo boys, eyeliner, fairies, fashion, fishnets, fuck, girl interrupted, glamour, glitter, gothic lolitas, halloween, hellokitty, him, howard stern show, hurt, imaginary, irish people, jack off jill, jade, jessicka, jessicka fodera, johnny depp, kissing, kurt cobain, large marge, lemonade, lolitas, lollipops, make-up, makeout, marilyn manson, marilyn monroe, mark ryden, maryjanes, meeting famous people!, mermaids, misfits, mosh, movies, muffin, music, my cat, my ruin, necklaces, neon pink lipstick, nirvana, parties, pierced, piercings, pink stuff, poe, poetry, porn, princesses, rainbows, rancid, robert smith, scarling, sex pistols, sexless demons and scars, sitting on people's laps, skeeter davis, sky dancers, slippers, smashing pumpkins, son of sam, sparkles, spice girls, stars, sugar, sugar lips, suicide girls, sweet lolita, switchblade symphony, tea parties, tears, the adicts, the casualties, the cure, the day after tomorrow, the distillers, the f-ups, the sex pistols, the unseen, the virgin suicides, thirteen, tim burton, tounge piercings, trendyness, unicorns, vintage clothing, vintage dresses, warped tour, whores,